BVB signing of Sebastien Haller

BVB signing of Sebastien Haller

UEFA Champions League participants Borussia Dortmund have signed Sébastien Haller. The 28-year-old Ivory Coast international is leaving Dutch outfit Ajax to join BVB, where he has penned a deal until 30 June 2026.

As Football Republic team, we shared with you 3 weeks ago that Borussia Dortmund football club was thinking how to fill the place of Erling Haaland, who has contributed greatly to the team for the last two years, and that they thought they would fill Haaland’s place with Sebastien Haller.

And we pointed out that the transfer of Haller, the striker of Ajax, which stands out with his Champions League performance instead of Erling Haaland, could be a serious solution.
Again, “We do not know whether an agreement will be reached between Dortmund and Ajax on a transfer fee of 35 million euros.” We see that the cost risk we have expressed is exactly the same.

The previous day, Borussia Dortmund officially announced on their official website that they have signed 28-year-old Ivory Coast Sebastien Haller. He signed with Sebastien Haller, who left Ajax, until 30 June 2026. The German team will pay a transfer fee of 34.5 million Euros to Ajax for Sebastien Haller.

As Football Republic, 28-year-old player’s cost and subsequent sales projection is an issue to be considered in terms of risk and investment, and considering age, quality, after sales/risk relationship, instead of Erling Haaland, who went to Manchester City, BSC Young Boys of Switzerland We presented the American striker Jordan Siebatcheu to Dortmund as a suggestion.

Pefok is a FR Advice for Borussia Dortmund Club

Theoson-Jordan Siebatche, commonly known as Jordan Pefok, transferred to the Young Boys last year for 2.5 million euros paid to the Rennes club. The biggest advantage of Jordan Pefok, who was raised in the same country as Sebastien Haller, was the same height and had the same features, was that he was a little faster and younger.

Sebastien Haller? Jordan Pefok?

Of course, the first criterion of our positive evaluation in the cost / performance / subsequent sales and earnings risk analysis of Jordan Pefok, which we gave as a Futbol Republic recommendation for the Borussia Dortmund club on 19 June 2022.

Sebastien Haller, especially in Eintracht Frankfurt, with 24 goals in 60 games in 2 years and his knowledge of the Bundesliga can be considered as a prediction that reduces the risk on the field for Borussia Dortmund, but Pefok, who proved his class in the Champions League last year, especially in Young Boys, will have a serious comparison season next year. We believe it will survive.

Sebastian Kehl is the new sporting director of Borussia Dortmund. “Sebastien is strong and physically very resilient. With his experience, he can also offer support and stability to our young offensive players.” We hope his statement will not disappoint his expectations.

After all, Sebastian Kehl was a midfielder. The biggest difference between a striker and a midfielder is that in order for a striker to score a goal, there are players next to him who will give him the final kick.
If Sebastian Kehl, Haller can put players such as Brazilian Antony and Dusan Tadic, who play in the wing position in Ajax, next to him, he will not risk performance.

Haller will wear the classic forward number 9 at BVB.

What will Ajax do now?

We would like to offer them a Football Republic recommendation.

If Ajax takes Jordan Pefok, who has similar characteristics with Sebastien Haller, while Antony is the best player of the last year, this year, Ajax will be awarded the Brazilian national football player Antony Pefok, whose original name is Antony Matheus dos Santos, who played in the wing position. He scores more goals than he scored with the Ajax.
Thus, Ajax both fills Haller’s place and increases Antony’s performance, increasing the market price to a minimum of 50 million euros the following year.

Jordan Pefok is a Football Republic advice for Ajax.
08 July 2022

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