Trade in Football

Investment Management in Football Services
We direct you to the right investment tools at the right time in the whole world football market. more >

Corporate in Football Management

We provide support for the most appropriate structuring of the corporate needs of the clubs within the framework of the principles and cultures of the corporate audience. more >

Budget Management in Football

We carry the growth and development of the financial structuring in football in line with the realistic goals of the clubs to higher levels. more >

Financial Management in Football

By securing football services and the financial transactions of clubs in the volatile market environment, we ensure that they are protected from exchange rate and interest rate risks. more >

Trade in Football

We support you to determine the most appropriate commercial strategies within the dynamics of the football sector, together with market and product-oriented evaluations with our analyzes of the current developments in the country and world economy, macroeconomics, financial markets and business lines. more >

Sponsorships and Advertising Management

We ensure that “Advertising” and “Sponsorship”-oriented needs in football reach the target audiences with the highest performance in accordance with institutionalism. more >

Football Management

We provide stabilization and research support by providing technical preparation and infrastructure transformation consultancy before and throughout the global goals of football. more >

Football Academy

With our knowledge and experience in all age groups, we provide maximum evaluation according to the human and talent source in world football with the absolute right education, sportive performance and investment relationship. more >

Scout Academy

We provide the necessary system support for financial and sportive structuring with our teams, which include a completely different structuring and different analyzes and ensure success in the future. more >

HR Management in Football Clubs

Together with corporate management, we provide the necessary support to achieve the desired goals with the basic planning phenomenon such as the knowledge, skill training and experience of the necessary human resources. more >

Sports Law and Football Contracts

A system for proper protection under applicable national and international law. more >