Jordan Pefok is a Football Republic advice for Ajax.

Jordan Pefok Ajax

Sebastien Haller from Ajax is gone, how will he fill his place now?

As a Republic recommendation for the Borussia Dortmund club on June 19, 2022, Jordan Pefok was the first criterion in our assessment of cost/performance/afterlife and risk of gain…

Sebastian Kehl is the new sporting director of Borussia Dortmund. “Sebastien is weak and small junior players. With their experience, they can sunbathe with support and practice.” I’m thinking of replacing him in the departure of Erling Haaland, who contributed greatly to the team, with Sebastien Haller.

For Sebastien Haller, it was a great chance to build players like Antony and Dusan Tadic, who played in the wing position in Aja. With Haller’s eyes, who will wear the classic number 9 in Ajax has been changed.

Jordan Pefok creates great added value for Ajax

To propose to them a Football Republic.

While Ajax has Antony, who has the best features for us last year, this year, Brazilian national football player Antony, Jordan Pefok, Antony (Matheus dos Santos) who served as the winger if Sebastien Haller and Jordan Pefok, whose specialties are in the receiver, will receive Haller’s Ajax jersey this season. Increases gold with more. He both fills Haller’s place for Ajax and raises Antony’s price to a minimum of 50 million euros from the market of a year.

Jordan Pefok is a Football Republic advice for Ajax.
08 July 2022

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